January 29, 2016

About Me



These “about me” pages are always a chore.  I have no problem writing about things I believe and other odd sundries, but I’m very uncomfortable with trying to describe myself.  I am a lifelong learner and remain involved in academia as an ancient/medieval historian and writer.  That is my love and always has been, but only in the last several years did it become my career.  I was a police officer prior to that, and I know that may make your head spin.  There was a more intense and introspective reason for that choice that I will go into on a post at some point.  However, I was involved in an on-duty accident while responding to a burglary in progress at a very high rate of speed.  I do not remember the accident or really a couple of weeks before it.  My neck was broken in two places and my lumbar in the same condition.  I walk on a cane now and always will, but I’m amazingly glad I am able to do so and continue my life relatively unhampered.

I earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees from University of Houston in journalism (cum laude) and history (focus ancient/medieval, magna cum laude).  I am currently pursuing a doctorate in ancient (sub-focus medieval) history.  Below are papers I have submitted during this pursuit.  I have one pending peer review with a journal of record and am also currently researching and writing what will be my dissertation.

“The Hellenistic World:  Cultures in Recovery”

“A Wrinkle in Time:  The Evolving Philosophy and Spirituality of Ancient Greece”

“Metaphysical Metamorphosis:  Aristotle on the Soul”

“Sea People and the Birth of a New Age”

“The Dark Ages that Weren’t”

“Western European Castle Architecture during the Crusades”

“An Essay on Matthias Stomer’s ‘Judgment of Solomon'”

“1066:  Archaeological Analysis and Reconsideration of the Historical Narrative”

“The Carolingian Renaissance:  Graeco-Roman Influence, Popular Education, and a Reconfigured European Identity in Manuscript Illumination”

“Antigonus Doson:  Rise of a Regent”

I have also pursued secondary teacher certification in Texas and am currently qualified on a probationary certificate to be hired full-time with one year to complete the required state certification exams in my chosen subject areas.  I really feel that I can be best used in that environment, no matter how much I say it will likely drive me crazy.  I also intend to – and will be doing some right here in the section of course offerings – engage other adults in learning on their own outside of any institution.

Education is my passion, and these are the best methods I feel to pursue it with and for myself and others.

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