Bookings at Trump Hotels Plummet

05/31/2016 Donald Trump has garnered a lot of attention as a Republican presidential candidate. But how has this attention impacted his business interests? Are sales up or down? The Trump brand is associated with a variety of hotels, apartments, and products. On one hand, a growing number of political supporters could boost sales of Trump[…]

Inequality – Any Hope for Change?

By Dr. Robert A. Levine, M.D. In January 2016, Oxfam reported a major increase in global inequality, with just sixty-two people owning as much wealth as 3.5 billion people in the lower half of the world’s income scale. Inequality is inherent in capitalism, where those who are smarter or were born into the right family[…]

How Milwaukee Landlords Figured Out How to Collect Rent and Not Pay Taxes

Wikimedia Commons By David Epstein / 05.09.2016 In response to the nation’s devastating financial crisis, Milwaukee put in place policies to help people stay in their homes; for example, giving residents three years to pay property taxes before foreclosing. But in “Landlord Games,” reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel detailed how, eight years later, unscrupulous[…]

Why Support for Fighting Poverty is Already Higher Than You Think By Jeremy Slevin / 05.05.2016 Public support for fighting poverty is growing. A much–publicized poll from Harvard’s Institute of Politics last week finds that millennials increasingly favor government action to reduce poverty and expand opportunity. In fact, 47 percent of those between the ages of 18-29 agree that “basic necessities, such as food and[…]

Why Give Breaks to Huge Corporations When We Could Invest Public Money Down the Street?

Photo by PapaBear/iStock. Cities and states fork over an estimated $70 billion each year to large companies that don’t need public assistance to thrive. We could spend that money on our own neighborhoods. By Kasia Tarczynska / 05.06.2016 There’s no doubt you’ve heard it: state politicians praising small businesses for their role in job creation.[…]

U.S. Income Inequality Highest Since the Great Depression

By Leslie MacMillan / 04/08/2016: Washington, DC (JR) – Income inequality in the United States has been a major flashpoint during the 2016 presidential election, with much debate focused on whether America is divided between “the 1 percent” who make up the wealthy elite and the lagging middle and working classes. While the topic has not always garnered so much[…]

Dark Money: Five Years After Citizens United

The new normal? image via By Charles Lewis Professor and Executive Editor Investigative Reporting Workshop American University This week’s news brings an important “ah hah” moment. The conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries and their political network of donors and opaque outside groups are planning to spend a stratospheric $889[…]

The Hidden Wealth of Nations – Discussion with Book on Author on Heels of Panama Papers

Illustration by Jack D. By Richard Eskow / 04.04.2016 If you’re interested in inequality, social justice and the future of democracy, then you should definitely read this book,” proclaims rock star economist Thomas Piketty in his introduction to Gabriel Zucman’s book The Hidden Wealth of Nations: The Scourge of Tax Havens. Only 28 years old,[…]

Skyscrapers – But No Sewage System. Meet a City Run by Private Industry.

Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg via Getty Images By Dan Kedmey / 03.17.2016 The city of Gurgaon, roughly a half-hour’s drive south of New Delhi, has survived without a functioning municipal government for roughly four decades. If the city of 2 million residents needs to pave a road, or hire police, firefighters or garbage collectors, a patchwork of[…]

California Reaches Deal to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Numerous statewide polls have suggested voters would approve a minimum wage proposal—perhaps even a more sweeping version—if given the chance. Protesters carry signs for higher wages in the parking lot at a McDonalds in South Los Angeles in 2015. (Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times) Hoping to avoid a costly ballot fight, California lawmakers[…]

Iceland Sentences 29th Banker to Prison, U.S. Bankers Still Collecting Bonuses

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — While the world economy struggles to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, most of the bankers who caused the collapse are still collecting massive salaries and have faced few, if any, consequences. Except in Iceland. In one of the countries hit hardest by the collapse, 29 bankers have now been sentenced to[…]

The Cost of Inequality: Increasingly it’s the Rich and the Rest

Economic and political inequities are interlaced, analysts say, leaving many Americans poor and voiceless Illustration by Kathleen M.G. Howlett “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both,” Associate Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said decades ago during[…]

Following the Oregon Trail

By Jeremy Runnalls / 03.01.2016 The push to increase minimum wages in the U.S. has picked up steam since the financial crisis, spurred on by mounting public pressure to combat income inequality. President Barack Obama has become a vocal advocate for boosting the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10, while Democratic presidential candidates Hillary[…]

10 Taxpayer Handouts to the Super Rich That Will Make Your Blood Boil

From Tom Cahill at, “The next time you hear someone complain about how the poor get ‘all this free stuff,’ show them this.” “The combined cost of these 10 corporate welfare programs is $1.539 trillion per year. The three main programs needy families depend upon — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ($17.3 billion), food[…]

Tell Me Your Story, Not Your Status

From Isaac Morehouse at Medium, “I like to ask people when I meet them, “What’s your story?” “It’s more interesting to me than typical questions about education, major, city of origin, job title, or sports team. All of these things might play a part in their story, but story implies something much broader and more[…]