Ground Zero: Water Wells Going Dry Worldwide

When wells run dry, households may opt to conserve water, find new sources, or sell and move. By Dr. Debra PerroneAssistant Professor of Environmental StudiesUniversity of California Santa Barbara By Dr. Scott JasechkoAssistant Professor of Water ResourcesUniversity of California Santa Barbara Introduction As the drought outlook for the Western U.S. becomes increasingly bleak, attention is turning[…]

Ground Zero: The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Water Resources

Indian tribes seek to manage their water resources and have plans to use their water supporting utilization of their trust lands. Curated/Reviewed by Matthew A. McIntoshPublic HistorianBrewminate Introduction The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) water program is executed under the direction of two Deputy Bureau Directors of the BIA: The Deputy Bureau Director – Trust[…]

Common Ground: Sharing the World’s Water

If divided evenly, the 12,500km2 of global renewable fresh water available each year would be more than sufficient to satisfy the world’s population. Introduction The world needs to share its common resources, not compete over them. As long as nations – and the corporations that feed them – perceive resources as something within their ownership,[…]

Controlling the Municipal Water Supply in the Ancient Graeco-Roman World

Exploring the main elements of municipal water supply and their artificial development. By Dr. Henning FahlbuschProfessor of ArchitectureTechnical University of Applied Sciences Lübeck (Technische Hochschule Lübeck) Introduction Since the beginning of early cultures men not only used natural water resources but also improved them by artificial methods. Based on observations of nature they constructed small[…]

Common Ground: How Water Brings People Together

Looking at how the Great Lakes inspire us with grand potential and how their size stretches our capacity for care. By Paul BainesOutreach and Education CoordinatorGreat Lakes Commons Introduction Together they span half the continent, eight U.S. states, two Canadian provinces, and the traditional territories of the Anishinaabek Nation and Haudenosauee Confederacy. However, the current[…]

Distant Grind: An Incorrect Hypothesis and the Trapped Water on Mars

New data challenges the long-held theory that all of Mars’s water escaped into space. By Robert PerkinsContent and Media Strategist / Emergency Communications CoordinatorCalifornia Institute of Technology Billions of years ago, the Red Planet was far more blue; according to evidence still found on the surface, abundant water flowed across Mars and forming pools, lakes,[…]