Three Africans Came to Visit Today – Coffee Review


Receiving the free “Three Africans” sample from Blue Bottle Coffee was pleasantly surprising in itself.  The beans were packaged in an vacuum-sealed container and roasted only two days before receipt.  The freshness was abundantly clear upon opening the bag, and the smell was what typically expects from African beans – a  floral/fruity smell that would undoubtedly make its usual appearance in the blend.

This blend consists of a Congolese and Two Ethopian beans.  I decided to use a medium grind for this bean as I’ve never tried it before.  I will try finer and more coarse grounds later.  African growers use natural processing, which means leaving the coffee cherries out to dry until reaching a raisin-like status before stripping the beans.  I used a warm water mix, again to keep either extreme away for the moment.

This is not a bold roast, which is also typical of Ethiopian blends.  It has that “full-yet-light” taste, which is pleasing when you don’t want to be bowled over but also not feel like you’re drinking flavored water.  I didn’t take too much time to really fiddle with this – I just wanted the taste pure black at a mid-point.  This could easily do quite well as a “go-to” blend.  However, the $19/pound price tag may be a touch high for that.

It’s good, but not for the price.  I give it four out of five cups for that.