The U.S. System of Constitutional Government

  By Dr. Timothy O. Lenz and Dr. Mirya Holman / 08.16.2013 Lenz: Professor of Political Science Holman: Assistant Professor of Political Science Florida Atlantic University The Constitution and Constitutional Government We are under a Constitution but the Constitution is what the Court says it is. – Charles Evans Hughes For as in absolute governments[…]

Cannabis Britannica: The Rise and Demise of a Victorian England Wonder-Drug

Lecture by Dr. James Mills at the Museum of London / 03.18.2013 Professor of Modern History, University of Strathclyde Director of the Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare Glasgow (CSHHH, Glasgow Caledonian University) There was little awareness of the medicinal and intoxicating properties of cannabis in Britain before the nineteenth-century. Varieties of[…]

The History of Art in Judaism

Judaism: An Introduction   By Dr. Jessica Hammerman (left) and Dr. Shaina Hammerman (right) / 08.08.2015 Jessica Hammerman: Professor of History, Central Oregon Community College Shaina Hammerman: Professor of Jewish History and Culture, Lehrhaus Judaica Judaism is a monotheistic religion that emerged with the Israelites in the Eastern Mediterranean (Southern Levant) within the context of the[…]

Matters of Trust: Associations and Social Capital in Roman Egypt

By. Dr. Philip F. Venticinque Associate Professor of Classics Cornell College CHS Research Bulletin 1:2 (2013) Introduction Concerns regarding the untrustworthy nature of merchants and craftsmen commonly expressed by classical authors, who instead championed agriculture for its security and as a pursuit conducive to developing proper decorum, have helped frame our understanding of ancient economic[…]

The Prehistory of the World to 8000 BCE

A “handprint” created by “placing the hand up against the wall and then blowing a mixture of red ochre and water around them, leaving a negative image on the rock” (Wikimedia Commons) / Pettakere Cave, South Sulawesi, Indonesia By Dr. Jack E. Maxfield / 11.30.2009 Beginning to 8000 BCE Our earth is estimated to have[…]

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory into Awe-Inspiring Work/Living Space

03.06.2017 Covered by climbing plants and surrounded by a garden of eucalyptus, palms, olive trees and cypresses, this old cement factory on the outskirts of Barcelona looks like an abandoned industrial complex reclaimed by nature. In reality, it’s a bustling work/living space designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. Bofill discovered the closed down World War I[…]