Retracing Romer’s Footsteps

Stephanie Pierce, Chris Capobianco, and Blake Dickson survey the Bay of Fundy at Blue Beach, Nova Scotia. Photo by Katrina Jones Mystery drives Nova Scotia fossil quest in tidal area where famed scientist once worked. By Rebecca Coleman / 09.22.2017 The mood was celebratory on a remote, rock-strewn beach in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Stephanie Pierce and[…]

This Ancient Mnemonic Technique Builds a Palace of Memory

A lukasa memory board. / Brooklyn Museum By Lynne Kelly / 09.20.2017 Honorary Research Associate La Trobe University In Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective novel A Study in Scarlet (1887) we learn that Sherlock Holmes used the most effective memory system known: a memory palace. Although imagined memory palaces are still used by memory champions and the few who practice the[…]

Recent Modern Philosophy: Absolute Idealism

By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages The Development of Absolute Idealism Fichte and the Transcendental Ego The initial step in this transformation was taken by Johann Gottlieb Fichte, author of the Wissenschaftslehre (Science of Knowledge) (1797). Noticing that the Kantian account of experience creates a vital tension between the roles of pure intelligence[…]