Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: The Origin of Western Thought – Medieval Philosophy and Religion

Henricus de Alemannia with students in a medieval university, by Laurentius de Voltolina, second half 14th century / Kupferstichkabinett Berlin By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages Augustine Saint Augustine, by Phillipe de Champaigne, c.1650 / Los Angeles County Museum of Art Having devoted extensive attention to the development of philosophy among[…]

History and Architecture of the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome

The Basilica of San Clemente, Rome, church rebuilt 1099-1119 (mosaic 1130s) with eighteenth-century renovations (photo: Michael Foley, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) By Dr. Diane Reilly / 06.14.2017 Associate Professor of Art History, Department Chair Indiana University A shrunken Rome By the twelfth century, the city of Rome was a shadow of its former, imperial Roman self.[…]

What Can We Learn from the Medieval Attitude to Pagans?

Dante and the Three Kingdoms by Domenico-di-Michelino / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. John Marenbon / 02.23.2016 Fellow, British Academy Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Peking University, China In a world like that of mediaeval Christian Europe, where everyone was a religious believer, how was the moral standing of non-Christians to[…]

Medieval English National Identity

People in Medieval England, illustrated here by a section of the Bayeux Tapestry / The Bayeux Tapestry Museum, France By Dr. Robert Bartlet Emeritus Professor of History University of St. Andrews The East Asian Journal of British History 1 (2011), 1-12 Introduction “Articles of Union otherwise known as Treaty of Union”, 1707 / Parliament of[…]

‘Discarded History’ Exhibition Lifts the Lid on 1,000 Years of Medieval History

From the collection / Cambridge University Library Treasures from the world’s largest and most important collection of medieval Jewish manuscripts – chronicling 1,000 years of history in Old Cairo – have gone on display in Cambridge today for a six-month-long exhibition at Cambridge University Library. 04.27.2017 Discarded History: The Genizah of Medieval Cairo opens to[…]