American Outback: 6 Romantic Places You Never Heard Of

Do you dream of enjoying the sunset in the Grand Canyon, having dinner with your beloved one on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in New York, or getting married in one of the churches of Las Vegas? Of course it sounds romantic.

But still, it seems rather commonplace – there’s no romance that you expect. For example, in Europe there are a lot of such places: Paris, Venice, and Florence are among them. And what about the USA? Many people think New York is a city of love, and the beaches of San Francisco are also romantic.

However, do you know where the most romance is in America? The answer is in the outback. In small and completely non-tourist cities, with cobbled streets and picturesque sea landscapes, cozy cafes and a peaceful atmosphere. In the USA, it’s better to use a car to get to them. Enterprise rent a car BWI Airport is a trusted provider with a good selection of cars. So you can fully rely on it on your romantic trip.


Where: Wisconsin

Harbor Sky Sailboats Beach Ephraim Sand Boats / MaxPixel

The ancient village of Ephraim is one of the most romantic places in Wisconsin. It’s completely small and comfortable – only 300 inhabitants live there. It was founded by Moravian and Scandinavian sailors in 1853 on the picturesque shore of Lake Michigan.

Residents of the village honor the traditions and culture of their ancestors, and preserve the ethnic heritage that they inherited. There are eight houses in the village, which are more than a hundred years old and which still serve their owners.

There’s a beautiful Village Hall Park in Ephraim, while on the promenade you’ll find a magnificent gazebo for summer concerts, and the cafe, which is also one hundred years old. It serves delicious sweets and ice cream prepared according to old Moravian recipes. You can also visit a small art gallery with works by local artists and portrait painters.


Where: Texas

The town of Fredericksburg in Texas was named after the German prince Friedrich of Prussia, as the city was founded by German immigrants. Many of the old-timers simply called it Fritztown. It really reminds us of a familiar German city – it even doesn’t seem like we’re in Texas. Buildings are decorated in the German style, including churches, German coffee houses, pubs, restaurants, and wineries.

What’s more, Fredericksburg hosts its own Oktoberfest. There is also an unusual for the American city Japanese Garden. An interesting museum has also been opened in the town, which tells about the participation of the United States in the World War II in the Pacific.

Friday Harbor

Where: Washington State

Why don’t you head to Friday Harbor? It’s located on the beautiful San Juan Island, which is rich in historical past and belonging to the national park area. You can come there to relax and lie on the beach, listen to the birds singing in the forest, watch migratory whales, or ride a kayak.

Delicious seafood dishes, apple waffles and ice cream, a wide selection of farm products on the open market will delight your taste buds. In addition to open-air relaxation, massage and a range of spa treatments in the beauty center on the waterfront is available.


Where: California

The romantic city of Healdsburg has long attracted travelers interested in California history. Indeed, the city has many historical monuments and sights. Plus, it has a homely atmosphere, with delicious restaurant cuisine and ethnic hotels.

In some of the hotels, the loving couples will be delighted by a gift – champagne and aroma bath with a pair massage. For example – at the Healdsburg Hotel.

In a local jewelry workshop you can order personalized jewelry. Healdsburg is surrounded by vineyards on all sides, and local wineries produce aromatic wine, which is so popular in California. In the city center there are more than a hundred cellars and tasting rooms. Summing it up, Healdsburg is the perfect place for a romantic weekend.

Rosemary Beach

Where: Florida

If you are looking for an oasis of dreams, you should definitely visit the town of Rosemary Beach. It was founded relatively recently, in 1995. This little piece of happiness is located practically on the ocean.

What to do there? Of course, walk along the narrow cobbled streets, drink cocktails, and eat delicacies in luxurious restaurants on open terraces. Also, you can play tennis, sunbathe on the amazingly white sand, visit fitness centers and love each other.


Where: Colorado

First of all, Aspen is one of the most popular and most expensive ski resorts in the country. But at the same time it’s very romantic. The fabulous Victorian-style houses built in the snowy mountains create an atmosphere of some kind of magic and enchantment.

The city is unofficially nicknamed ‘Beverly Hills in Colorado’. Real estate in the city has long been bought by Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson, as well as other Hollywood celebrities.

However, loving couples should come there. Kilometers of ski slopes, dozens of spa centers, restaurants, boutiques and hundreds of hours spent together await you!