Gambling Without Borders

Online casinos across the globe are reducing their offers in compliance with regulatory stipulations in the industry. Governments are kicking against high-rolling table games and Jackpot games. For instance, the German government has restricted their citizens from playing licensed online casinos that are licensed by European licensing authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Gaming Authority. However, CS:GO betting sites like still show you where to find the best CSGO gambling bonuses and referral codes and all the sites allow their players to play for real money.

However, as from July 2021, online casinos must be regulated by a countrywide and uniform license. This is a welcome development for slots providers while no limit games and jackpot providers will become history, thanks to the new regulation.

Some players are particular about the number of games a casino offers to measure its credibility and determine its acceptability. Thus, players have the luxury of choosing an online casino that isn’t licensed by the German authority.

They can enjoy unlimited gaming experience while patronizing the unregulated casinos. However, it is noteworthy that patronizing unlicensed providers isn’t advisable.

International Online Gaming Platforms

Individual differences count when addressing the issue of whether it is advisable for players to play in an international online gaming platform without limit or not. This includes playing in casinos that are licensed in Curacao.

The lure of unlimited playing time makes some players choose gaming sites that aren’t licensed by the German authority but that are licensed in either Malta or Gibraltar. Starting from 2021, most gaming platforms will opt for Curacao licensing.

If you play in a casino that isn’t licensed by the European Union, you can interact with a global audience of players. You have a better chance of finding high-roller table offers when playing in a casino with an impressive customer base because more wealthy gamblers will patronize such casinos.

It should be noted that when you are playing in an internationally licensed casino, you have better chances of enjoying higher deposit and table limits too.

Players are concerned about their security as well. They mostly opt for licensed casinos that comply with established safety and security policies. Curacao is one of the best licensing options for gaming sites that desire such a degree of security and safety.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that gamblers who patronize casinos that are not licensed in Europe can’t enjoy the data protection and gambling policies that licensed operators offer at the sign up point. Therefore, as a player, don’t ignore the need for caution when choosing a gaming platform.

Disadvantages of Unlicensed Casinos

The moment a player chooses an unlicensed international casino or one that is not licensed in Europe, they are throwing away their legal backing. Don’t forget this when you see casinos that turn their back on license from European countries such as Malta, Germany, Gibraltar, and the United Kingdom and settle for something else.

Also, the withdrawal process may be longer, thanks to the more time-consuming international transactions conducted on such gaming platforms. You must wait for long before your withdrawal request is processed. You may also be defrauded without knowing it, thinking the long withdrawal time is the regular thing.

Although the defrauding is common in unlicensed casinos, the application of local policies makes it difficult or impossible to track and reclaim your money.

When your gaming time is limited, you have reduced chances of losing control. More so, through security settings and player protection, a gaming platform can study any of its players’ gambling behavior.

The reformation of the gambling industry in Germany has realigned the industry with European casinos. Some gaming platforms have set July 2021 as the time to get the German licenses while other casinos are banking on the possibility of finding new opportunities on the international gambling market.



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