Top Cocktails for a Casino Themed Party

Now, whether the casino party you are planning is an elaborate one or you just want to have a number of friends to find the best new online casino for a weekend poker session, the success or otherwise of the party or night could be determined by the type of drinks you prepare. this may be the factor that differentiates the evening from a dud one that you won’t want to remember to a highly memorable and super lit party that many people will commend you for in years to come and which will increase your bragging right among your friends and the attendees.

This article is meant to inform you about the best cocktails that will bring out the flavor of such casino themed events.

Before we delve into the various types of cocktails, we’ll like to highlight something very important. That is the fact that to enjoy the cocktails/drinks maximally and get the best out of them, you need to engage the major subject that you want to enjoy in the party in a very active manner, and here, we are talking about gambling. That is why you should try something like food roulette, which is a casino inspired game that is normally a very big hit in parties of such nature.

Poker Face

This is a very popular drink that has been here even before the arrival of Lady Gaga. We can describe this as a refreshing, classic, and light cocktail, and you will see it served in all casinos across the globe. This drink is better enjoyed on a very warm day, with a lot of ice.

To make this cocktail, you only need two shots of tequila, to which you must add three shots of pineapple juice and one short of triple sec. After this, you will need to twist some lemon into it, and then stir it properly with the ice, after which you strain into one of the highball glasses around. You also have the choice to garnish this with fruits and mini umbrellas as you search for the right mood and feel.

Vesper Martini

If you love James Bond, then this is specially made for you. When you have this beside you and continue to make a constant sip of it, you will be thrown into the right mood for an evening at the casinos. The vesper martini drink is one that is never stirred; instead, it’s shaken, and has gained s status in the casino world that can only be described as iconic. One more advantage of having a vesper martini for the night is that it is very easy to prepare.

It was in the Casino Royale book that the drink made its first appearance, and in that book, it was James Bond himself that shared the recipe for this drink. So, to go with the exact thing that Bond shared, you have to get a shot of vodka first if you wish to make this dry martini. To this, you have to add half a shot of vermouth and three measures of gin. The preferable method is for this to be hard shaken with ice until it gets as cold as you want it, after which you now add some lemon.

Last Chance

This is the best cocktail to end your stay at the casino for the night or your casino themed party. This drink comes with an amazing amount of refreshment to conclude your gambling outing for the night. If you’ve engaged in an evening of cocktails, this is the drink from which you get the fresh air you need to counter all the other cocktails you’ve taken, as you prepare to retire.

You do not need much to achieve this. You only need to bring two parts of vodka together, add one part triple sec and four measures of orange juice to it, and you are good. You also have the option of adding more orange juice if you need something much lighter. If you need more volume, then you can multiply the shots and the orange juice, and move this around the venue in a jug.



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