The Art of Oceania

Polynesia Hiapo (tapa) By Dr. Caroline Klarr Polynesian Art Historian Polynesian history and culture Polynesia is one of the three major categories created by Westerners to refer to the islands of the South Pacific.  Polynesia means literally “many islands.” Our knowledge of ancient Polynesian culture derives from ethnographic journals, missionary records, archaeology, linguistics, and oral[…]

#NoDAPL: Native American Leaders Vow to Stay All Winter, File Lawsuit Against Police

(Rob Wilson photo) Amnesty International are sending a delegation of human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to the protests. Native American leaders vowed on Saturday to protest through the winter against a North Dakota oil pipeline they say threatens water resources and sacred lands and are planning lawsuits over police treatment[…]

View from Above – Cassini at Saturn

View above Saturn / NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute Saturn appears as a serene globe amid tranquil rings in this view from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. In reality, the planet’s atmosphere is an ever-changing scene of high-speed winds and evolving weather patterns, punctuated by occasional large storms (see PIA14901). The rings, consist of countless icy particles, which are[…]

There is No ‘Authentic Self’

By Derek Beres / 10.31.2016 Letting Go of the Illusion of the ‘True You’ Nothing says Hallmark like yoga memes, but truly one of the most baffling is also one of the most pervasive: Find Your Authentic Self. Granted, this is often recited by one who hopes to sell you a program or series in[…]

What Do We Know About Comey’s ‘Investigation’?

Everything you’re read or heard this weekend about Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton is speculation based on anonymous sources. Everything. Speculation in absence of facts. By Kathy Gill / 10.31.2016 Technology Policty Analyst, The Moderate Voice Two days after FBI Director James Comey dropped an unprecedented bombshell into what has become the most bizarre presidential[…]