Native American Pottery

Navajo pottery / Dallas Museum of Art By Guity Novin / 03.23.2014 Graphic Designer, Artist The graphic design of the native American pottery is original and almost always symbolic . Technically, all known Pre-Colombian American pottery was made entirely by hand and there is no evidence that a native American potter ever invented the potter’s[…]

The Middle and Late Cycladic Periods in the Central Aegean Islands

Reconstruction of a late Cycladic Ship with a hypothetical visualization of the eruption on the Pre-Kameni Island of Santorini (Thera) / Timothy Finch, flickr By Dr. Jeremy B. Rutter Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities Dartmouth College The Late Bronze Age Eruption of the Santorini Volcano Aerial view of[…]

A Brief Biography of Marie Curie: Manya, the Girl from Warsaw

Marie Skłodowska Curie, 1867-1934, a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity / Wikimedia Commons By Michelle Felder For Big History Project In 1897, using a makeshift workspace, Marie Curie began a series of experiments that would pioneer the science of radioactivity, change the world of medicine, and increase our[…]

Reclining, Dining, and Drinking in Rome

This painting by Roberto Bompiani captures a common 19th-century association of Roman dining and excess. A Roman Feast, late 1800s. / The J. Paul Getty Museum A look at the practice, with a diagram of status-seating in the Roman triclinium By Shelby Brown / 08.12.2014 Education Specialist for Academic and Adult Audiences J. Paul Getty[…]