The Americas: 18,000 BCE (First Migrations) to 1500 (European Conquest)

  Drawing of what part of Tenochtitlan may have looked like / By Diego Rivera, Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Eugene Berger / Fall 2016 Associate Professor of History Georgia Gwinnett College 18,000 – 15,000 BCE ——————————— First humans migrate to the Americas c. 13,000 BCE ——————————— Big game hunters inhabit the Great Plains c. 10,000[…]

Planting for Power in Ancient Rome

Reconstruction of the inner peristyle of the House of the Vettii in Pompeii. The original garden would have been decorated with brightly colored frescoes. Photo: Sailko, Wikimedia Commons Plants and trees were employed as symbols of power and learning in both public and private. By Dr. Annalisa Marzano / 03.14.2017 Professor of Ancient History University of[…]