The Perils of Periodization: Roman Ceramics in Britain after 400 CE

Early Imperial Roman ceramic bowls, early 1st century CE / Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York   By Dr. Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and Dr. Robin Fleming Fitzpatrick-Matthews: Archaeology Officer, North Hertfordshire Museum Fleming: Professor of History, Boston College 5 (2016) Abstract The post-Roman Britons of the fifth century are a good example of people invisible to[…]

Social Institutions: Family, Religion, and Education

Figure 9.1 What constitutes a family nowadays? (Photo courtesy of Michael/flickr) Edited by Dr. Sherry Cooke / 03.27.2016 Professor of Sociology Grayson College Introduction to Marriage and the Family Rebecca and John were having a large church wedding attended by family and friends. They had been living together their entire senior year of college and[…]

Six Things You Can Do with Coffee – After You’ve Finished Drinking It

Photo by Thomas Ricker, Creative Commons By Dr. Rhodri Jenkins / 10.29.2015 Postdoctoral Researcher in Biofuels University of Bath Many of us depend on coffee to fuel our early morning meetings, mid-afternoon slumps or all-night study sessions. These days, the words “coffee” and “fuel” are half-jokingly synonymous. More than 9m tonnes of the bean are[…]