Written in Stone: The World’s First Trigonometry Revealed in an Ancient Babylonian Tablet

The Plimpton 322 tablet. UNSW/Andrew Kelly, Creative Commons A 3,700-year old Babylonian clay tablet reveals an ancient method of constructing right-angled triangles that makes it the world’s oldest and most accurate trigonometric table.    By Dr. Daniel Mansfield (left) and Dr. Norman Wilderberger (right) / 08.24.2017 Mansfield: Associate Lecturer in Mathematics Wilderberger: Associate Professor in Mathematics University of New South Wales The ancient Babylonians –[…]

Counting in Babylon

Creative Commons By Dr. Michael Fowler / 06.12.2015 Maxine S. and Jesse W. Beams Professor of Physics , Physics Education,Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics University of Virginia The Earliest Written Language Sumer and Babylonia, located in present-day Iraq, were probably the first peoples to have a written language, beginning in Sumer in about 3100 BC.  The language[…]