Does One Ethnic Group Own Its Own Cultural Artefacts?

At the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. Photo by Allegro-Takahi/Flickr By Dr. Tiffany Jenkins / 03.18.2016 Sociologist and Writer Objects that once adorned display cases in museums around the world are disappearing from view. In recent decades, dramatic wooden Iroquois face masks, crafted by the nations and tribes of indigenous people of North America, have been[…]

Two or Three Things I Love about Ethnography

Photo by Jonathan Cardy / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Signe Howell Professor Emerita of Anthropology University of Oslo 7:1 (2017) Abstract I argue that anthropology and ethnography are two sides of the same coin. Anthropology is nothing without ethnography and ethnography is just an empty practice without a concern for the disciplinary debates in anthropology[…]