The Malvina Hoffman Papers and the ‘Races of Mankind’

Detail from “How to Tell Your Friends from the Japs,” Time magazine, December 22, 1941 (Vol. XXXVIII, No. 25), p. 33. Digital image: Tristan Bravinder Archival research reveals how perceptions of Malvina Hoffman’s sculptures were distorted by racial bias. By Dr. Linda Kim / 01.31.2018 Associate Professor of American and African Art Westphal College of Media Arts &[…]

Meet the Theologian Who Helped MLK See the Value of Nonviolence

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , chats with African-Americans during a door-to-door campaign in 1964. AP Photo/JAB By Dr. Paul Harvey / 01.11.2018 Professor of American History University of Colorado After this last tumultuous year of political rancor and racial animus, many people could well be asking what can sustain them over the next coming days: How do they[…]