‘Roman-Like’: Early to High Medieval Romanesque Art and Architecture

Abbaye de Lessay (département de la Manche), France / Photo by Ji-Elle, Wikimedia Commons Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 05.02.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief 1 – The Romanesque Period 1.1 – Introduction Romanesque art was affected by shifting political powers following the Carolingian period and mobility during the Crusades. 1.1.1 – The Source of Inspiration[…]

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture of Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire, England (photo: Steve Cadman) By Valerie Spanswick / 08.08.2015 Freelance Writer, History of Art and Architecture Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire, England, is not as famous as some of Britain’s other great medieval churches, and neither is it as large. However, it presents superb examples of both Romanesque or Norman and Gothic architecture in a building[…]

History and Architecture of the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome

The Basilica of San Clemente, Rome, church rebuilt 1099-1119 (mosaic 1130s) with eighteenth-century renovations (photo: Michael Foley, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) By Dr. Diane Reilly / 06.14.2017 Associate Professor of Art History, Department Chair Indiana University A shrunken Rome By the twelfth century, the city of Rome was a shadow of its former, imperial Roman self.[…]