10 Cool Things You Can Do With Google (Some Will Surprise You!)

Google is full of surprises that most people have no clue about! Click here to learn about the cool things you can do with Google.

Did you know that over 3.5 billion Google searches are performed every day? Whether you are looking for information about which school to attend or just want a tasty recipe for dinner, Google is the font of all knowledge.

Did you know there is even more to Google than meets the eye? There is a whole range of cool things you can do with Google that most people do not know about.

Want to know a few Google secrets? Why not take a look at our in-depth article below to find out.

1. Get Cinema Times

Are you in the mood for a movie but can’t find the energy to look at each cinema listing individually? Don’t worry. Did you know that you can enter the name of the movie you are thinking about into Google and it will find you the nearest movie theatre?

From there you are only one click away from movie reviews on IMDB or sites offering the chance to stream similar movies. Plan your evening without leaving the comfort of your bean bag.

2. Work Out the Bill

You have had a great evening with your colleagues and now comes the awkward part. How to split the bill quickly and equally?

Google takes the pain out of this and allows you to split the bill instantly. Simply open Google, enter the amount on the bill, the percentage tip you want to leave and how many people are at the table.

Google will quickly give you an answer without any long conversations. The default setting is US Dollars but you can use the same formula for all other major currencies.

3. Track Your Orders

Need to find our where that important gift for your mother-in-law is? You can find the status and location of your UPS or FedEx delivered orders without even visiting their websites.

Open Google and enter the tracking number into the search bar. It will recognize the code and take you straight to information about your package.

4. Currency Conversion

Currency calculations are dynamic, to say the least. With some even major currencies fluctuating constantly during the day, you need a source of information that provides real-time data. Google can once again help.

Simply enter the amount of money and the currency you want to convert it to. Google Currency Converter will instantly show you the latest conversion, its rates and the history of its fluctuations over the past 5 years.

5. Calculate Sunset Times

Planning a romantic sunset meal? Or maybe hoping to get out for a run before it gets dark? In either case, Google can help you plan your evening to the second with its sunset time predicter.

It can provide accurate sunset and sunrise times for almost any city in the world. Did you ever wonder what time the sunsets at the North Pole? Go on give it a try.

6. Follow Flights

So you can find general information about flights and travel by simply entering the information into the search bar. However, for a more customized experience, log in to Google Chrome and look into the My Trips section.

From there you will be able to see information about your future flights, hotel reservations, and other travel plans. This is all gathered from your Gmail and Google Calendar items. Need a holiday planner? Google may already have what you need.

7. Find a Job

Google is not only a portal for employment and entrepreneurial websites. Google makes use of your geographical position to provide job listings in your area with real-time accuracy.

Simple open Google and input “Jobs near me” or “Retail Jobs” to see what vacancies are available near you.

8. Look Up Word Meanings

Ok, so this functionality may be more akin to the original purpose of Google as a search engine. However, did you know that Google can help you to expand your vocabulary?

If you are putting together a presentation or school report, you may want to enrich your vocabulary to spice up the text a little. Google can help. It can give you suggestions for Synonyms, Antonyms and explain the meaning of any words you are not sure about.

9. Share Documents and Images

Did you know that each user is given a basic free amount of cloud storage space on Google drive? You can use this space in any way that you like. Whether you want to use Google sheets to manage your business, or Maps to plan a retail campaign, the possibilities are endless. These documents are instantly shareable.

You can even download the contents of your Google drive area to your local computer for faster access. This is even possible for those who are not using a Chrome book or Windows machine. Check with these guys to see how Mac users can join in the fun https://setapp.com/how-to/use-google-drive-on-mac-like-a-pro.

10. Solitaire

Phew! Google can give you lots of productivity options. If after this you just want to kick back and play cards, Google can help. Simply type in “Solitaire” into Google to open up the famous card game.

More Cool Things You Can Do With Google

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student, you can be sure that there are lots of cool things you can do with Google. Some will increase your efficiency, others are just downright fun.

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