Timeline: The History of Gravity

Wes Mountain/The Conversation Our understanding of gravity has gone through a few permutations, from Newton’s equations through to Einstein’s general relativity. With today’s discovery of gravitational waves, we look back on how our grasp of gravity has evolved over the centuries. By Dr. Geraint Lewis Professor of Astrophysics University of Sydney 1687: Newtonian gravity Isaac[…]

Humanistic Letter-Writing

By Dr. Gábor Almási Researcher Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Neo-Latin Studies Abstract In Antiquity the letter was defined as a conversation between absent friends. This “familiar letter” was rediscovered during the early Renaissance, eventually leading to a revolution in epistolography. However, as Latin was a prestigious language learnt at school by reading masters of eloquence,[…]

Unseen Prehistoric Arms, Ancient & Medieval Swords Made Public for the First Time in Special Exhibit in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

Over 50 different samples of swords and dozens of types of maces from various time periods originating in Bulgaria have been displayed for the very first time in the new exhibition of the Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology based on a private collection. Photo: 24 Chasa daily By Ivan Dikov / 05.18.2016 Archaeology in Bulgaria A[…]

How to Access Brilliance

By Azriel ReShel / 05.15.2016 Simple ways to Unlock your Potential Why do some people have ideas that have never been thought of before? Are they different or special? Throughout time, certain people have been considered to be geniuses, gifted, prodigies and somehow unique to other human beings. So are they truly unique, or is[…]

Could the Mystery of the Meow Actually be Solved by a New Talking Cat Collar?

How good are people at interpreting a cat’s meow? ‘Cats’ via www.shutterstock.com By Mikel Delgado PhD Candidate in Psychology University of California, Berkeley Imagine you’re a cat, and, every time you meowed, the loud voice of a snooty-sounding British gentleman kindly informed your human guardian of your every thought and feeling (well, the thoughts and[…]