Fueling Sanders’ Turnout Hope, California Reports Record Surge of New Voters

Nearly 6,000 North Coast residents cheered Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders in Cloverdale on Friday as the Vermont senator promised to revolutionize American politics, the U.S. economy and society at large. (Photo: Kent Porter/Press Democracy) Said one energized supporter: ‘California loves a comeback story.’ By Jon Queally / 06.04.2016 With national anticipation growing ahead of[…]

Ambivalent Happiness and Virtuous Suffering

Yap Day Festivities / Creative Commons By Dr. C. Jason Throop Associate Professor of Anthropology University of California, Los Angeles Abstract This article advances an analysis of those affective, mooded, and worldly happenings that define the limits, contingencies, and possibilities of happiness. More specifically, drawing from sustained ethnographic research, ambivalent orientations to experiences of happiness[…]