In Privacy Win, Federal Judge Rejects ‘Stingray’ Evidence for First Time

“This opinion strongly reinforces the strength of our constitutional privacy rights in the digital age,” the ACLU said. (Photo: sj carey/flickr/cc) By Nadia Prupis / 07.13.2016 For the first time, a federal judge has thrown out evidence obtained by police without a warrant using the controversial “Stingray” device that mimics cell phone towers to trick[…]

How Twitter Gives Scientists a Window in Human Happiness and Health

Each tweet that relays an emotion, opinion, or idea joins millions of others. “Globe” via Shutterstock By Dr. Lewis Mitchell / 07.13.2016 Lecturer in Applied Mathematics University of Adelaide Since its public launch 10 years ago, Twitter has been used as a social networking platform among friends, an instant-messaging service for smartphone users, and a[…]