How Many Genes Does It Take to Make a Person?

Do we contain the most elaborate set of instructions? / Shutterstock By Dr. Sean Nee / 10.18.2016 Research Professor of Ecosystem Science and Management Pennsylvania State University We humans like to think of ourselves as on the top of the heap compared to all the other living things on our planet. Life has evolved over[…]

NASA’s MAVEN Mission Observes Ups and Downs of Water Escape from Mars

10.19.2016 After investigating the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet for a full Martian year, NASA’s MAVEN mission has determined that the escaping water does not always go gently into space. Sophisticated measurements made by a suite of instruments on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, or MAVEN, spacecraft revealed the ups and downs of[…]

Rigging Claims Can Be a Two-Way Street

Vladimir Putin carrying his buddy Donald Trump By Robert A. Levine / 10.19.2016 TMV Columnist Even before he has lost the election, Donald Trump is courting danger. Not for himself, but for America and for democracy. His statements that if he loses the election, it is because it was rigged and stolen by the Democrats[…]

How the Ouija Board Got Its Sinister Reputation

Ouija Board / Shutterstock By Dr. Joseph P. Laycock / 10.18.2016 Assistant Professor of Religious Studies Texas State University By now, most have vague notions of the Ouija board horror narrative, in which demonic spirits communicate with – even possess – kids. Director Mike Flanagan furthers this trope in his new film “Ouija: Origin of[…]

Trying On Other Shoes

By William Kenower / 10.19.2016 The Power of Seeing a Different World My youngest son, Sawyer, used to spend far more time relating to his imagination than he did to the world around him. He would run back and forth humming, flapping his hands and thumping on his chest. By the time he was in[…]