Herodotus and the Persian Wars: The First Historian’s First History

Bust of Herodotus / Wikimedia Commons Herodotus is the “Father of History” and—according to some—also the “Father of Lies.” As a discipline, history begins with Herodotus’ Histories, the first known systematic investigation of the past. Explicitly, The Histories deal with the Persian Wars, the Greeks’ double defeat of the formidable forces led against them by[…]

Expressionism: An Introduction

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Reclining Nude in Front of Mirror, 1909-1910, oil on canvas, 83.3 x 95.5 cm (Brücke-Museum, Berlin) By Shawn Roggenkamp / 10.02.2016 Imagine a painting where the magentas scream, the greens glare, and coarse brushstrokes become more ominous the longer you look at them. Paintings like this, where the artist uses color, line, and visible techniques to evoke powerful[…]

Habitats at Herculaneum and Early Roman Interior Decoration

Ruins of Herculaneum / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Diana E.E. Kleiner / 01.29.2009 Dunham Professor, History of Art and Classics Yale University Introduction and the History of Herculaneum We’re going to look at several houses in Herculaneum, and then we’re going to move from there to [a brief look at] early Roman interior decoration,[…]

Adult Adoption – The Secret to Preserving Centuries-Old Japanese Family Businesses

01.10.2016 Japan has one of the highest adoption rates in the world, with over 80,000 legal adoptions recorded every year. Yet when it comes to adopting children, the Asian country is lagging way behind most developed countries. That’s because around 98% of Japanese adoptees are bright young men in their 20s and 30s. At the[…]