Peter the Great: Tsar and Emperor

Peter the Great portrait by Paul Delaroche / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. John Merriman / 09.15.2008 Charles Seymour Professor of History Yale University Peter the Great and the Territorial Expansion of Russia Russian Empire in 1914 / Wikimedia Commons The Russian empire is one of those empires that continued, arguably — not arguably, it was[…]

History of the Spread, Community Response to, and Impact of Bubonic Plague Epidemics

1411 drawing of plague-infected people from a German-language Bible known as the Toggenburg Bible. / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Frank Snowden / 01.20.2010 Andrew Downy Orrick Professor of History and History of Medicine Yale University Pestilence as Disease Bubonic Plague The Triumph of Death, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, c.1562, oil on panel / Museo[…]

Getting a Scientific Message Across Means Taking Human Nature into Account

Yeah, I’m not hearing that. / Shutterstock By Rose Hendricks / 01.10.2017 PhD Candidate in Cognitive Science University of California, San Diego We humans have collectively accumulated a lot of science knowledge. We’ve developed vaccines that can eradicate some of the most devastating diseases. We’ve engineered bridges and cities and the internet. We’ve created massive[…]

The Emergence of Barbarian Kingdoms in Western Europe with the Dissolution of the Roman Empire

Lecture by Dr. Paul H. Freedman / 09.21.2011 Chester D. Tripp Professor of History Chair, History of Science and Medicine Program Yale University Introduction Mosaics from a church in Ravenna, Italy: Justinian on one wall faces Theodora opposite, c.547 CE / Wikimedia Commons The Roman Empire: External force  or Internal collapse? There are other possible[…]

Trump Still Doesn’t ‘Get’ Russia and How This Works – ‘We Don’t Have It’ Is Of Course the Line

By John Prager / 01.11.2017 Russia — you know, that country whose leader orchestrated a hack of Donald Trump’s political opponents and an aggressive propaganda/fake news campaign in an effort to install The Donald in the Oval Office — has finally spoken out about revelations that the President-elect was once busted paying Russian prostitutes to pee[…]