Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu: The Division of Powers

Portrait of Montesquieu, 1728, oil on canvas / Palace of Versailles, Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Iván Szelényi / 0915.2008 Professor Emeritus of Sociology Yale University Montesquieu in a Historical Context Emblem from the Palace of Versailles of Louis XIV as the “Sun King” / Wikimedia Commons We move to eighteenth century France. We move[…]

Sultan Donald Trump?

Photo by AP News By Dr. Henry F. Carey / 01.20.2017 Associate Professor of Political Science Georgia State University Family is important to Donald Trump. The president-elect has appointed his son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior White House adviser. For the duration of the presidency, the real estate mogul has handed over the reins of[…]

Rejecting Church and State in Medieval Anatolia

The Great Mosque of Divriği, photograph by Avniyazici By Hugh Jeffrey / 01.16.2017 PhD Candidate in Archaeology University of Oxford The Çaltısuyu, a tributary of the Euphrates, flows through the dramatic canyons of eastern Anatolia. At around 1,225 meters above sea level, it emerges onto a barren highland plateau overlooked by the crumbling remains of[…]

The Roman Way of Life and Death at Ostia, the Port of Rome

Ruins of Ostia / Dreamstime, Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Diana E.E. Kleiner / 03.26.2009 Dunham Professor, History of Art and Classics Yale University Ostia: Rome’s First Colony We spoke about architecture under the emperor Hadrian, the extraordinary emperor Hadrian. We talked about the buildings that he commissioned, and some of which he also had a[…]

Power and Peace in Silence and Stillness

By Guo Gu / 01.17.2017 Practising Silence and Clarity Simultaneously Silent illumination is a Buddhist practice that can be traced back not only to Huineng (638–713), the sixth patriarch of Chan, and other Chinese masters but also to the early teachings of the Buddha. In the Chan tradition, silent illumination is referred to as mozhao,[…]