Ankara’s Cuirassed Statue of Hadrian

By Carole Raddato / 01.24.2017 Hadrian and his travels have often served as the guiding thread for my own travels. However, my recent trip to Turkey had a different focus, the Hittite civilization, with one of the highlights being a visit to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. After dazzling at the magnificent artifacts[…]

The Vikings: Raiding, Trading, and Settling in the Early Middle Ages

Viking Oseberg longboat / Oslo Museum, Norway Lecture by Dr. Paul Freedman / 11.28.2011 Chester D. Tripp Professor of History Chair, History of Science and Medicine Program Yale University Introduction Early medieval map of Scandinavia from the Carta Marina by Olaus Magnus / Wikimedia Commons We’re discussing people from Scandinavia, different parts of Scandinavia, who[…]

The American Revolution: Boston as Catalyst – Tensions Culminate in a Massacre

This 19th-century lithograph is a variation of Paul Revere’s famous engraving. Produced soon before the American Civil War, this image emphasizes Crispus Attucks – first person (a black man) killed in the Boston massacre, and is widely considered to be the first American casualty in the American Revolutionary War. / National Archives and Record Administration Lecture[…]

Lincoln’s Words of Warning Reach Across the 180 Years

President Abraham Lincoln / Wikimedia Commons By Patricia Smith / 01.27.2017 History does not repeat itself although sometimes it seems that way. However similar events of the past and events of the present may appear, the people and times are different. But sometimes history gives us prophetic voices with words that reach beyond the the[…]

Empathy: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How to Harness It for Kindness and Compassion

Cats at window / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Sara H. Konrath / 01.24.2017 Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies Lilly Family School of Philanthropy; Director, Interdisciplinary Program on Empathy and Altruism Research (iPEAR) University of Indiana Empathy is trending The number of papers about empathy in psychology journals has increased dramatically over time, even when accounting[…]

Early Modern England: Politics, Religion, and Society under the Tudors and Stuarts

Ely Cathedral in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Keith Wrightson / 09.22.2009 Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor of History Yale University Religion Saint Agatha’s Church, Easby, Richmond, North Yorkshire, England / Wikimedia Commons We have looked at the early Tudors reestablishing the authority of the monarchy, and now we turn towards[…]

Athens vs. Sparta: The Peloponnesian War

Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Donald Kagan / 11.06.2007 Sterling Professor of Classics & History Yale University The Importance of the Peloponnesian War and Its Continuing Value Double Herm of Thucydides and Herodotus.  A herm is a stone rectangular-sectioned pillar topped with a head, usually marking crossroads and boundaries, and functioning as a wayside shrine[…]