The Mills-Bakeries of Ancient Ostia and the Distributions of Free Grain

By Dr. Jan Theo Bakker / 05.05.2000 Professor of Archaeology Leiden University Introduction Horrea for grain – light blue; dolia defossa – dark blue; other store buildings – yellow; bakeries – purple; isolated finds of millstones and kneading-machines – green circles Each archaeologist studying Ostia is acutely aware that the ruins represent the situation in[…]

John Quincy Adams: Failed President, Successful Congressman

Portrait of John Quincy Adams, by George Peter Alexander Healy, 1858 / White House Blue Room   By Dr. Matthew Mason and Dr. David Waldstreicher / 01.29.2017 Mason: Associate Professor of History, Brigham Young University Waldstreicher: Distinguished Professor of History, Graduate Center, City University of New York What presidents do after they leave office is a relatively[…]

History of the Soviet Union, 1936-1939: Upheaval and Rebuilding

Moscow before Reconstruction, by Viktor Ruikovich (1927) / Photodome By Dr. Lewis Siegelbaum / 09.24.2015 Professor of Russian and European History Michigan State University Childhood under Stalin   Left: Kindergarten (1941) / Life Magazine Right: Thanks to Comrade Stalin, by D. Grinets (1937) / From Art and Power: Under the Dictators, 1930-1945, by Dawn Ades[…]

Popular Protest in Early Modern England

The Beggars Chorus: this ballad celebrates someone who was often treated as a pariah by early modern communities throughout Europe / Wikimedia Commons Lecture by Dr. Keith Wrightson / 10.27.2009 Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor of History Yale University Riot An 18th-century depiction of Robert Kett and his followers under the Oak of Reformation on[…]