Four Ways to Stay Mentally Fit if You’re Struggling with the Political Climate

A protest in New York’s Washington Square Park days after Donald Trump’s election. Muhammed Muheisen/AP By Dr. Roxanne Donovan / 02.13.2017 Professor of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies Kennesaw State University “This can’t be happening.” “I feel like throwing up.” “I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.” “Life is going to get[…]

Democracy in America, from the Early Republic to the Jacksonian Era

George Caleb Bingham, “The County Election,” via Reynolda House Museum of American Art. By Dr. Christopher Childers / 08.16.2016 Assistant Professor of History Benedictine College Introduction On May 30, 1806, Andrew Jackson, a thirty-nine-year-old Tennessee lawyer, came within inches of death. A duelist’s bullet struck him in the chest, just shy of his heart (the man[…]

The Aristocratic Ethos of the Roman Republic

By Dr. Nicholas K. Rauh Professor of Classics Purdue University The Roman Cursus Honorum / Wikimedia Commons (Click image to enlarge) The results of the constitutional developments at Rome were best expressed by the Republican acronym, SPQR, Senatus Populusque Romani, “the Senate and the People of Rome.” The Romans saw themselves as engaged in a[…]

Archaeology of the Acropolis in Athens: Early Settlement to Today

Reconstruction painting of the Acropolis and Areus Pagus in Athens, by Leo von Klenze / Neue Pinakothek (Gallery), Munich Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 02.12.2017 Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Introduction   Left: View of the Acropolis / Photo by A. Savin, Wikimedia Commons Right: The Parthenon / Photo by Steve Swayne, Wikimedia Commons The Acropolis of[…]

History of the Soviet Union, 1980-1985: From a Siberian Rail to an Underground Economy

Trans-Siberian Railroad / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Lewis Siegelbaum / 09.24.2015 Professor of Russian and European History Michigan State University Baikal-Amur Mainlin (BAM)   Left: The Seventh Spring of BAM, by Aleksandr Iakovlev (1982) / Moscow: Sovietskii khudozhnik Right: BAM, by A.B. Iakushin (1975) / Moscow: Sovietskii khudozhnik The last great hero project of the[…]