Juan Borgia and the Donkey at Bracciano

Alleged portrait of Giovanni (Juan) Borgia, 2nd Duke of Gandia / Wikimedia Commons By Samantha Morris / 12.09.2012 Archaeologist/Historian The Borgia Bull Juan Borgia, 2nd Duke of Gandia, was never really cut out to be a soldier. He was arrogant and self centred, and failed more than succeeding at anything. Yet Pope Alexander VI wanted[…]

The Industrial Revolution and the Railway System

Photograph of a nineteenth-century locomotive / From Immigration, Railroads, and the West / Harvard University Library Edited by Dr. Robert Schwartz E. Nevius Rodman Professor of History Mount Holyoke College The Evolving Relationship between Nature and Industry as Documented in Art By Jennifer Carson, Elysia Lindfield, and Megan Vandehey There are multiple ways of interpreting[…]

Fragments of the Past: How to Study Old Norse Religion

Ardnamurchan boat site / Photo by Jon Haylett, Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Britt-Mari Näsström Professor of Religious History University of Gothenurg, Sweden Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis 17:2 (1999), 177-185 The Source Problem Ansgar made an unsuccessful attempt to Christianize the Vikings as early as in the 830s. / From Hamilton, Hugo. 1830. Teckningar ur Skandinaviens[…]

Mycenaean Tholos Tombs and Early Mycenaean Settlements

Interior of the tholos tomb at the Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae, 13th century BCE / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Jeremy B. Rutter Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities Dartmouth College Definition of the Mycenaean Form of Tholos Tomb Tholos tomb cutaway illustration / Brown University, Creative Commons The Mycenaean[…]

African Art, Ancient to Modern

The Songhai (also Songhay or Sonrai) people of West Africa / Photo by Maria Magdalena Ruiz O’Farrill By Guity Novin / 03.23.2014 Graphic Designer, Artist Introduction The motives which guide the hands of the sculptors and architects of Black Africa, the strait jacket of ritual and symbolism in which the work of art is confined,[…]