Allan Sekula’s Papers Reveal His Art, Writing, and Thought Process

Dear Bill Gates, 1999, Allan Sekula. Photograph. The Getty Research Institute, 2016.M.22. © Allan Sekula Studio LLC. A partial gift from Sally Stein, in memory of her husband Allan Sekula Allan Sekula’s papers, newly acquired by the Getty Research Institute, document the visionary artist and critic’s meticulous process and socially engaged practice. By Sarah Zabrodski[…]

Scientific Theories aren’t Mere Conjecture – To Survive, they Must Work

There wouldn’t be statues acclaiming Darwin and his theory if it couldn’t stand up to decades of testing. CGP Grey By Dr. Tom Solomon / 03.07.2017 Professor of Physics and Astronomy Bucknell University “The evidence is incontrovertible. Global warming is occurring.” “Climate change is real, is serious and has been influenced by anthropogenic activity.” “The[…]

Western Europe and Byzantium, c.500-1000 CE

Byzantine Constantinople (modern Istanbul), c.1000 CE / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Andrew Reeves Assistant Professor of History Middle Georgia State University Chronology 410 CE: ———————————- Roman army abandons Britain 476 CE: ———————————- The general Odavacar deposes last Western Roman Emperor 496 CE: ———————————- The Frankish king Clovis converts to Christianity 500s CE: ———————————- Anglo-Saxons gradually[…]

The Greek War of Independence: The Road to Marseilles

The State Hermitage Museum, Norfolk By William St. Clair / 05.10.2013 Senior Research Fellow, Institute of English Studies University of London Between November 1821 and August 1822 eight shiploads of volunteers left Marseilles for Greece. Over two hundred men took passage in these specially chartered vessels; others went independently, paying their own passage. They came[…]