Sharpening Our Knowledge of Prehistory on East Africa’s Bone Harpoons

A project exploring the role of East Africa in the evolution of modern humans has amassed the largest and most diverse collection of prehistoric bone harpoons ever assembled from the area. The collection offers clues about the behaviour and technology of prehistoric hunter-gatherers.  02.20.2017 East Africa is the epicentre of human evolution and its archaeological remains[…]

Anaxagoras, Socrates, and the History of “Philosophy”

Plato, Anaxagoras, and Democritus / External Reference Dresden, Schisische landesbibliothek, MS Db 92-92, Wellcome Library By Dr. Christopher Moore / 11.01.2016 Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics The Pennsylvania State University The Tenuous Grip of a Name In all of extant fifth-century Greek literature, authors use the terms philosophos, philosopheô, and philosophia half a dozen[…]

Momentum isn’t Magic: Vindicating the ‘Hot Hand’ with the Mathematics of Streaks

When a player’s on fire, is it hot hands? / Shutterstock   By Dr. Joshua Miller and Dr. Adam Sanjurjo / 03.26.2017 Miller: Assistant Professor of Economics, Bocconi University Sanjurjo: Assistant Professor of Economics, Universidad de Alicante It’s NCAA basketball tournament season, known for its magical moments and the “March Madness” it can produce. Many[…]

The Influence of Early Mediterranean Writing Surfaces on Textual Appearance

By Dr. Alan Johnston / 12.18.2013 Professor of Archaeology University College London Background It is my intention is to consider the extent to which writing surfaces, rather than other considerations, may be seen to have influenced the appearance of text in the early centuries of alphabetic writing in the Mediterranean world, with special emphasis on[…]

Creating a Republic, 1776-1790

Figure 7.1 John Trumbull, Washington’s aide-de-camp, painted this wartime image of Washington on a promontory above the Hudson River. Just behind Washington, his slave William “Billy” Lee has his eyes firmly fixed on his master. In the far background, British warships fire on an American fort. By Dr. P. Scott Corbett, / 12.2014 Professor[…]