With New Technology, Mathematicians Turn Numbers into Art

Mathematical visualization techniques led the author to create this virtual scene, showing shapes from the realm of mathematics bursting into the physical world. Frank Farris, CC BY By Dr. Frank A. Farris / 04.04.2017 Associate Professor of Mathematics Santa Clara University Once upon a time, mathematicians imagined their job was to discover new mathematics and[…]

The Hand of Louis XV

Installation view of Right Hand from the Equestrian Statue of Louis XV (1758); in the background, a quote on Bouchardon by French art critic and designer Charles Nicolas Cochin (French, 1715–1790). Sculpture by Edme Bouchardon, courtesy Musée du Louvre, Paris. Photo: J. Paul Getty Museum How did an impressive symbol of royal power survive the[…]

I Won’t Have Blood! A Battle between Belief and Duty?

Blood bank image / University of Michigan, Creative Commons Lecture by Dr. Martin Elliott at the Museum of London / 03.15.2017 Professor of Physics, Gresham College Professor of Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, University College London Co-Medical Director, The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Introduction I am going to consider the belief held by some that[…]

Epigenomics Leading to More Personalized Cancer Treatment

Cancer precision targeting at the Systems Biology and Cancer Metabolism Laboratory. Credit: Systems Biology and Cancer Metabolism Laboratory. Fabian V. Filipp, Author provided By Dr. Fabian V. Filipp / 04.03.2017 Assistant Professor of Systems Biology and Cancer Metabolism University of California, Merced Molecular insight into our own DNA is now possible, a field called personal[…]

“It Is Written”?: Making, Remaking, and Unmaking Early ‘Writing’ in the Lower Nile Valley

  By Dr. Kathryn Piquette / 12.18.2013 Senior Research Consultant and Imaging Specialist University College London Introduction Figure 1: Map of Egypt with main find sites for inscribed labels, vessels and stelae in bold (after Spencer 1993: 19, fig. 6). Analysis and interpretation of inscribed objects often focus on their written meanings and thus their[…]

Jacksonian Democracy: New Politics to Tyrannical Majority, 1820-1840

Figure 10.1 – In President’s Levee, or all Creation going to the White House, Washington (1841), by Robert Cruikshank, the artist depicts Andrew Jackson’s inauguration in 1829, with crowds surging into the White House to join the celebrations. Rowdy revelers destroyed many White House furnishings in their merriment. A new political era of democracy had[…]