Techniques of a 19th-Century Fake News Reporter Teach Us Why We Fall for It Today

German journalist and novelist Theodor Fontane. Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Petra S. McGillen / 04.05.2017 Assistant Professor of German Studies Dartmouth College Donald Trump appears to have a straightforward definition of fake news: Stories that are critical of him or his presidency are “fake,” while those that praise him are “real.” On the surface, the[…]

Pioneers of Posters in the United States

By Guity Novin / 03.23.2014 Graphic Designer, Artist Introduction The US history of posters is intimately connected with advertisement for commerce, politics, and war. Early settlers in the American colonies produced most of what they consumed at home, but a few precious goods were bought in stores. Newspapers were scarce — the first in America[…]

Troubled Times: The Tumultuous 1850s

Figure 14.1 In Southern Chivalry: Argument versus Club’s (1856), by John Magee, South Carolinian Preston Brooks attacks Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner after his speech denouncing “border ruffians” pouring into Kansas from Missouri. For southerners, defending slavery meant defending southern honor. By Dr. P. Scott Corbett, / 12.2014 Professor of History Ventura College Introduction The[…]

Jamestown: A Colonial Trial Run

Edited by Dr. Marie Lasseter Director of Academic Technologies University System of Georgia Introduction In 1606, new groups, the Virginia Company of London and the Plymouth Company, were given the rights to colonize North America. The Virginia Company would focus on the mid-Atlantic region, the Plymouth further north. Captain Christopher Newport was given command of[…]

Pliny the Pessimist

By Dr. Thomas E. Strunk Associate Professor of Classics Xavier University, Cincinnati Greece & Rome 59:2 (2012) Introduction ‘He is always enthusiastic, almost invariably cheerful, and amiable, and quite correct. One can well imagine how a sunny-tempered man of elegant tastes and universal humanity must have won easily the regard of a great number of[…]