What Holds a Community Together?

By Dr. Dieter Duhm / 03.19.2017 Sociologist 10 Ways to Thrive Communally After a hundred years of failed community experiments since Monte Verità in Ascona, one is justified in asking: What holds a community together, what stops it from failing, and how is its power increased? Here are ten things that hold a community together:[…]

How the Flu Changes within the Body May Hint at Future Global Trends

What can a single person’s flu infection tell you about how the virus changes around the world? / Xue and Bloom    By Dr. Jesse Bloom and Katherine Xue / 06.27.2017 Bloom: Associate Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Associate Professor of Genome Sciences and Microbiology Xue: Doctoral Student in Genome Sciences University of Washington Evolution is usually[…]

René Descartes was Wrong about Personhood

Detail from Young Moe (1938) by Paul Klee. Courtesy Phillips collection / Wikimedia Commons By Abeba Birhane / 04.17.2017 PhD Student in Cognitive Science University College Dublin According to Ubuntu philosophy, which has its origins in ancient Africa, a newborn baby is not a person. People are born without ‘ena’, or selfhood, and instead must acquire it through[…]

The Long, Forgotten Walk of David Ingram

Detail from Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues’ 1591 map of Florida, where David Ingram supposedly began his journey up the Eastern seaboard / Library of Congress If three shipwrecked English sailors really did travel by foot from Florida to Nova Scotia in 1569 then it would certainly count as one of the most remarkable walks[…]