Marie Curie and Her X-Ray Vehicles’ Contribution to World War I Battlefield Medicine

Marie Curie in one of her mobile X-ray units in October 1917. Eve Curie By Dr. Timothy J. Jorgensen / 10.10.2017 Associate Professor of Radiation Medicine Georgetown University Ask people to name the most famous historical woman of science and their answer will likely be: Madame Marie Curie. Push further and ask what she did, and[…]

‘Ketman’ and Doublethink: What It Costs to Comply with Tyranny

Poet and Nobel Prize winner Czesław Miłosz speaking onstage to a crowd of students at Warsaw University, Poland, 1981. Photo by Keystone/Getty By Jacob Mikanowski / 10.09.2017 In the spring of 1949, poet Czesław Miłosz was working as a cultural attaché in the Polish embassy in Washington, DC. Just four years earlier, he had been on[…]

Contemporary Philosophy: Realism and Logical Positivism

George Santayana By Dr. Garth Kemerling / 11.12.2011 Professor of Philosophy Capella University Philosophy Pages   Critical Realism Although most Anglo-American philosophers of the turn of the century were trained in absolute idealism, many of them rebelled against it. One important way of doing so was to insist that material objects do exist independently of our perception of them. Thus, many English-speaking[…]