Why Science and Engineering Need to Remind Students of Forgotten Lessons from History

Isaac Newton’s portrait. What can students learn from his life? Alessandro Grussu, Creative Commons By Dr. Muhammad H. Zaman / 08.15.2016 HHMI Professor of Biomedical Engineering and International Health Boston University Lately, there has been a lot of discussion highlighting the need for incorporating social sciences in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines in order to foster[…]

History is a Process, Not a Pile of Flash Card Facts

History is not just a few facts to be memorized. Greg Wass/Flickr, Creative Commons By Dr. Ben Keppel / 02.26.2015 Associate Professor of History University of Oklahoma The decision of a committee of the Oklahoma legislature, by a vote of 11-4, to stop funding for Advanced Placement History classes is national news. Whether this committee vote will actually[…]

Are Movies a Good Way to Learn History?

Daniel Day-Lewis won the 2012 Academy Award for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. Is Spielberg’s historical drama a good way to learn about the 16th U.S. president? Touchstone Pictures By Dr. Scott Alan Metzger / 05.16.2017 Assistant Professor of Education Pennsylvania State University Hollywood loves history. At last year’s Academy Awards, three nominees for Best Picture (“Fences,”[…]

Frozen in Time: Glacial Archaeology on the Roof of Norway

Artefacts revealed by melting ice patches in the high mountains of Oppland shed new light on ancient high-altitude hunting.  Climate change is one of the most important issues facing people today and year on year the melting of glacial ice patches in Scandinavia, the Alps and North America reveals and then destroys vital archaeological records of past human activity.[…]

The Transformation of Rome’s Forum Boarium Over the Centuries

Forum Boarium in the Imperial Age, Lanciani FUR, tab. XXVIII, detail “A very popular area exists that borders the bridges and the Circus Maximus, named for an ox located there”. – Ovid, Fasti (VI, 477-8) With the Forum Boarium the ancients defined a level zone that included the eighth and eleventh Augustan districts, located between[…]

Final and Largest of Rome’s Imperial Fora: The Forum and Markets of Trajan

Apollodorus of Damascus, The Forum of Trajan, dedicated 112 C.E., Rome Apollodorus of Damascus, The Markets of Trajan, 112 C.E., Rome By Dr. Jeffrey A. Becker / 12.09.2015 Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies Binghamton University An emperor worth celebrating Marble bust of Trajan, c. 108-117 C.E., 68.5 cm high (The British Museum) (photo: Chris Stroup, CC[…]