Looking at Culture: Symbolism, Adaptation, and Ideology

Creative Commons Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 02.15.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief 1 – Culture and Society 1.1 – Culture and Biology 1.1.1 – Overview Culture relates to nature (our biology and genetics) and nurture (our environment and surroundings that also shape our identities). Human beings are biological creatures. We are composed of blood and[…]

What was the Beguiling Spell of Jung’s ‘Collective Unconscious’?

Detail from the Mandala of Jnanadakini, 14th century, Tibet. / Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York By Dr. Antonio Melechi / 02.19.2018 Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Sociology University of York The first decades of the 20th century saw a raft of psychological terms fall into popular usage. Freudian notions of ‘denial’ and ‘displacement’, ‘projection’[…]

Painterly Urban Planning: Nikolaus Pevsner’s “Visual Planning and the Picturesque”

By John Hicks / 07.21.2011 Associate Editor Getty Research Institute Nikolaus Pevsner (1902–1983) was one of the 20th century’s foremost historians of British architecture. Even today, tourists wander through the historic squares of England aided by Pevsner’s The Buildings of England guidebooks, which remain in print with Yale University Press as the Pevsner Architectural Guides. A new book by Pevsner—Visual[…]

Portugal and the Building of Atlantic Telegraph Networks

Map of the 1858 Atlantic Cable route / Public Domain By Dr. Ana Paula Silva Postdoctoral Researcher Interuniversity Center for the History of Science and Technology (CIUHCT) New University of Lisbon Introduction Most of the existing studies on submarine cables are built from a national point of view, stressing how great powers, namely Great Britain,[…]

Runes and Commemoration in Anglo-Saxon England

The Franks Casket / Photo by Simon Ager, British Museum    By Dr. Martin Findell and Dr. Lilla Kopár Findell: Associate Professor in Historical Linguistics, University of Nottingham Kopár: Associate Professor of English, The Catholic University of America Abstract Runic inscriptions are of interest not only as evidence of language and literacy in early medieval England,[…]

Ritual Landscapes in Pagan and Early Christian England

   By Dr. Austin Mason and Dr. Tom Williamson Mason: Assistant Professor of History, Carleton College Williamson: Professor of Landscape History, University of East Anglia Abstract This article explores some of the complex relationships which existed between topographic patterns and social organization in early medieval England. It argues that group identities were not entirely elective[…]