Dancing Zebras in the Streets of La Paz

Young people in La Paz dressed as zebras protect pedestrians, dispense advice and keep people smiling on the streets of Bolivia’s third-largest city. (La Paz Secretaría Municipal de Educación y Cultura Ciudadana) By Johnny Magdaleno / 12.18.2017 Young people dressed up in zebra costumes careen through the halls of an office building here, cheering and[…]

The Peoples, Languages, and History of the Pyrenees Region

Sainte-Cecile Cathedral overlooking the Tarn River, Albi, France. Midi- Pyrénées / Encyclopedia Britannica  By Dr. Friedrich Edelmayer / 05.31.2012 Professor of Austrian and Medieval History Universität Wien Abstract The Pyrenees region encompasses areas from the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of France and the Principality of Andorra. It is also linguistically heterogeneous. In addition to[…]

A Transcultural History of Europe – Perspectives from the History of Migration

Migrants are escorted through fields by police as they are walked from the village of Rigonce to Brezice refugee camp on October 23, 2015 in Rigonce, Slovenia. Thousands of migrants marched across the border between Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with Europe’s largest migration of people since World[…]

Fish Sauce: Ancient Roman Condiment?

Ava Gene’s, a Roman-inspired restaurant in Portland, Ore., incorporates colatura, a modern descendant of ancient Roman fish sauce, into several of its dishes. / Photo by Deena Prichep, NPR By Deena Prichep / 10.24.2013 Fish sauce — that funky, flavor-enhancing fermented condiment — is part of what gives Southeast Asian cooking its distinctive taste. But it[…]

The Art and Architecture of Ancient Aegean Civilizations

Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 02.21.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief 1 – The Aegean Bronze Age 1.1 – Introduction Cycladic art during the Greek Bronze Age is noted for its abstract, geometric designs of male and female figures. Map of the Cyclades islands: A map marking the Cyclades islands. The Cyclades are a group of[…]