Latte Art Influences How Much We Pay for Coffee

Look tasty? Dan Lacher/Flickr, CC BY Do you like your coffee to have artistic flair? Recent research shows we’re likely to pay more for a coffee with latte art than a mere ‘flat’ white. By Dr. George Van Doorn / 11.25.2014 Lecturer in Psychology Federation University Australia It will come as no surprise that coffee culture is thriving in many western countries. Yet, although the amount of coffee we[…]

‘Coffee Naps’ and How They Help You Power through the Day

Just five more minutes … can a coffee before a nap really help you pay back your sleep debt? from Can drinking a cup of coffee before taking a short nap really give you the energy you need to see you through the day? By Dr. Chin Moi Chow / 04.02.2017 Associate Professor of Sleep and Wellbeing University of Sydney Caffeine and napping have something[…]

Dynastic Networks and Interdependence in Early Modern Europe

Queen Victoria / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Daniel Schönpflug / 12.03.2010 Professor of History Universität Berlin Abstract The kinship ties of Europe’s royal houses were part of a specific technique of maintaining power. To secure and extend their authority European dynasties made use of inheritance and marriages, as well as communication and cooperation among relatives. Their[…]

The Delphic Oracle: It’s History and Surprising Modern Incarnations

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi, where the wisdom of the oracle was dispensed. Janet Lackey/flickr, CC BY-NC Cicero asked: ‘how to become famous?’ Nero sought to know the timing of his death. TheOracle at Delphi offered pronouncements on all manner of topics – yet as with Google today, the question posed was as important as the answer. By Dr. Julia Kindt / 07.21.2016 Associate Professor and Chair Department of Classics and Ancient History University[…]

Largest Ancient Tomb in Amphipolis Shows How Unique Macedonia Was

The (smaller) tombs at Vergina. Damian Entwistle, CC BY-NC By Dr. Laura Swift / 08.18.2014 Lecturer in Classical Studies The Open University The tomb is located near the ancient city of Amphipolis, and archaeologists have been excavating it for the last six years. While there are still plenty of questions unanswered (who it was made for for example),[…]