New Telescope Will Scan Skies for Asteroids on Collision Course with Earth

Artist depiction of an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. By Mopic/ An asteroid on a collision course with Earth is inevitable. Astronomer Michael Lund explains how a new telescope under construction in Chile will become a vital tool fordetecting objects that could devastate our planet. By Dr. Michael B. Lund / 06.28.2018 Post-Doctoral Researcher Department of Physics & Astronomy Vanderbilit University Around sunrise on Feb. 15, 2013,[…]

Why Nuclear Fusion is Gaining Steam – Again

The coils winding facility building in France, where a global effort to build the ITER fusion energy reactor is underway. Rob Crandall/ As fusion becomes more technically viable, it’s time to assess whether it’s worth the money because breakthroughs in the lab don’t guarantee success in the marketplace. By Dr. Scott L. Montgomery / 04.09.2018 Lecturer, Jackson School[…]

A Defense of Ethical Pluralism

Creative Commons Between monism, pluralism and particularism – then pluralism is much the most plausible of the three. By Dr. P.J. McGrath Professor of Philosophy, Deceased University College, Cork, Ireland I must first explain what precisely I mean by ‘ethical pluralism’ . Moral theories may be divided into three categories in accordance with the different accounts[…]

How Schopenhauer’s Thought Can Illuminate a Midlife Crisis

Don’t aim for completion / Wikimedia Commons By Dr. Kieran Setiya / 01.26.2018 Professor of Philosophy Massachusetts Institute of Technology Despite reflecting on the good life for more than 2,500 years, philosophers have not had much to say about middle age. For me, approaching 40 was a time of stereotypical crisis. Having jumped the hurdles[…]

The Agora in Ancient Greece and Rome

A model of the agora of Athens at its maximum extension during the 2nd century CE. (Agora Museum, Athens) / Photo by Mark Cartwright, Creative Commons The word Agora was an ‘open place of assembly’ in the ancient Graeco-Roman world. By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 09.02.2009 Professor of Philosophy Marist College The word Agora (pronounced ‘Ah-go-RAH’) is Greek for ‘open place of assembly’ and, early[…]

The Aegean in the Ancient World

A map of the political structure of Greece in the Archaic Age (ca. 750 – 490 BC). / Photo by Megistias, Wikimedia Commons The Aegean Sea contains over 2,000 islands which were settled by the ancient Greeks. By Dr. Joshua J. Mark / 04.28.2011 Professor of Philosophy Marist College The Aegean Sea lies between the coast of Greece and Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey). It[…]