The Industrial Revolution: Rising on the Back of Agricultural Technology

Exploring the industrial revolution which changed the landscape and infrastructure of Britain forever. By Dr. Matthew White Visiting Research Fellow University of Hertfordshire The 18th century saw the emergence of the ‘Industrial Revolution’, the great age of steam, canals and factories that changed the face of the British economy forever. Early Industry Early 18th century British[…]

The Paper Revolution: The Origin of Large-Scale Technical Drawing under Henry VIII

The first important transformation of English medieval design practice occurred in a military context, during the reign of Henry VIII. Pioneering plans, surveys and designs by leading Tudor engineers are housed in the British Library, particularly within Sir Robert Cotton’s manuscript collection. Anthony Gerbino, Senior Lecturer in Art History at the University of Manchester, explores[…]

Ancient Rome’s Praetorian Guard

Proclaiming Claudius Emperor by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1867 / Wikimedia Commons The Praetorian Guards were the personal bodyguards of the Emperors of the Roman Empire. The name was used from the time of the Roman Republic, denoting the protection of Roman generals, which existed from 275 BC. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 07.25.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief[…]

Archaeologists Discover Parasite Described by Hippocrates to Infect Ancient Greeks

Earliest archaeological evidence of intestinal parasitic worms infecting the ancient inhabitants of Greece confirms descriptions found in writings associated with Hippocrates, the early physician and ‘father of Western medicine’. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 07.28.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Ancient faeces from prehistoric burials on the Greek island of Kea have provided the first archaeological[…]

Could Ancient Textbooks Be the Source of the Next Medical Breakthrough?

Voynich Manuscript. / Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, Wikimedia Commons Can we hope to find new remedies by studying ancient medical texts? By Dr. Laurence Totelin / 10.07.2015 Lecturer in Ancient History Cardiff University The discovery that won the latest Nobel Prize for Medicine wouldn’t have been much of a revelation to doctors in ancient China. Pharmaceutical chemist[…]