Ungesund: Yellow Fever, the Antebellum Gulf South, and German Immigration

There is a strong correlation between the discourse of medical geography and German settlement patterns. By Paul Warden / 05.02.2017 PhD Candidate in Early American History/History of Medicine University of California, Santa Barbara Overview Drawing upon extensive observations published in the German-speaking states of northern Europe, Paul Warden addresses the collective medical geography of the Gulf[…]

How the 19th-Century Know Nothing Party Reshaped American Politics

Anti-immigrant cartoon showing two men labeled “Irish Wiskey” and “Lager Bier,” carrying a ballot box. / Everett Collection Historical, Alamy Stock Photo From xenophobia to conspiracy theories, the Know Nothing party launched a nativist movement whose effects are still felt today. By Lorraine Boissoneault / 01.26.2017 Like Fight Club, there were rules about joining the secret society[…]

Jefferson versus Hamilton

How did the debate between Jefferson and Hamilton shape the political system of the United States? By Dr. Ellen Holmes Pearson Professor of History University of North Carolina, Asheville In George Washington’s Farewell Address (1796), the retiring president warned that the creation of political factions, “sharpened by the spirit of revenge,” would most certainly lead to[…]

Art as Propaganda in Ancient Greece: The Feeding of the Greek Soldier’s Ego

By Judith M. Lamb Senior Thesis Hollins University The stories of an all-female warrior race had long been told and depicted in artistic forms prior to sixth century Greece. These tales, that may have had some basis in real life events, were eventually woven into the cloak of influence that the classical Greeks wore in[…]