Trading between Muslims and the Sámi in Medieval Norway

Nordic Sámi (Saami) people in Sapmi (Lapland) in front of two Lavvo Tents / Photo by Granbergs Nya Aktiebolag, Wikimedia Commons Examining the interrelationship of trading, religious missions, and Crusading based mainly on Scandinavian sagas and chronicles. By Dr. Bjørn Bandlien Professor of Viking Age and Medieval History and Historiography Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge Introduction In[…]

Lost Norse of Greenland Fueled the Medieval Ivory Trade

New DNA analysis reveals that, before their mysterious disappearance, the Norse colonies of Greenland had a “near monopoly” on Europe’s walrus ivory supply. An overreliance on this trade may have contributed to Norse Greenland’s collapse when the medieval market declined. 08.08.2018 The Icelandic Sagas tell of Erik the Red: exiled for murder in the late[…]

Gandhi’s Four Paths to Peaceful Revolution

Mohandas K. Gandhi / Wikimedia Commons The Indian leader saw nonviolence as an active and powerful thing—not just the absence of war. By Madhu Suri Prakash / 07.12.2013 A (non) + Himsa (violence) = Ahimsa Gandhi lived Ahimsa as a daily practice, waging peace to stop war and violence. His lifelong “experiments” with truth proved[…]

The Judicial System in Medieval India

The Mallikarjuna temple on the left (originally called Trailokesvara temple) was built by queen Trailokyamahadevi (queen of Badami Chalukya King en:Vikramaditya II) around 740 CE. The Kasivisvanatha temple (also spelt Kashivishvanatha) is from the en:Rashtrakuta period. The location is en:Pattadakal in Karnataka, India. / Photo by Dineshkannambadi, Wikimedia Commons Examining the development of the criminal[…]

Charlemagne’s Sons and the Problems of Royal Succession

The Coronation of Charlemagne, fresco by Raphael at the Apostolic Palace, c.1516 / Wikimedia Commons The problem of Early Medieval royal succession in different circumstances. By Dr. Elke Ohnacker Professor of History Universität Konstanz Abstract The article is concerned with the problem of Early Medieval royal succession in different circumstances: the death of two of[…]