Europe before 1914 and the ‘Great War’

Original designs for battleship HMS Dreadnought, produced by the British Royal Navy in 1905 / British Library, Public Domain Considering factors such as globalization and military advancement and examining the political and diplomatic landscape of Europe before the outbreak of World War One. By Dr. David Stevenson / 01.29.2014 Stevenson Professor of International History The[…]

The Knights of the Front: Medieval History’s Influence on Great War Propaganda

A knight fighting a dragon, 15th-century woodcut / Rauner Special Collections Library, Wikimedia Commons The emergence of medieval imagery in the First World War propaganda. By Haley E. Claxton This article focuses on the emergence of medieval imagery in the First World War propaganda. Examining several specific uses of medieval symbolism in propaganda posters from[…]

Medieval Women: The Arnolfini Portrait and the Expectation of Constant Pregnancy

Jan Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait, 1434, tempera and oil on oak panel, 82.2 x 60 cm (National Gallery, London), photo: Dr. Steven Zucker CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Women lived and died in a culture that expected near-constant pregnancy. By Lane Eagles / 08.26.2018 PhD Candidate in Art History University of Washington Is She Really Pregnant? Jan[…]

Medieval Women and the Notion of ‘Lost Blood’

Artwork page for ‘The Cholmondeley Ladies’, Unknown artist, Britain, c.1600-10 / Tate Britain In the Middle Ages, the power of blood-images was immediate and valuable. By Dr. Laura Kalas Williams / 01.04.2017 Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing Swansea University Images and stories of bloodshed have been ubiquitous of late. Bloodied and wounded children[…]

The Art of Citizenship: Roman Cultural Identity in Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta

Cicero Denounces Catiline, fresco by Cesare Maccari, 1882-1888 / Wikimedia Commons Examining Cicero’s views on the construction of Roman identity. By Fisher Wallace Pressman This paper examines Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta Oratio and the author’s implicit and explicit views on how Roman cultural identity is construct ed. While the speech itself is the legal defense[…]