The Spanish Conquistadores and Colonial Empire

Spanish conquistador style armour / Photo by John Martin Perry, Wikimedia Commons Columbus’s colonization of the Atlantic islands inaugurated an era of aggressive Spanish expansion across the Atlantic. Edited by Matthew A. McIntosh / 09.17.2018 Historian Brewminate Editor-in-Chief Treaty of Tordesillas Map of the land division determined by the Treaty of Tordesillas. Image credit: Wikimedia[…]

Challenging the 1623 Edict of Grace in the Spanish Inquisition

The Inquisition Tribunal, by Francisco Goya, c.1815 / Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Wikimedia Commons The 1623 Edict of Grace released by the Spanish Inquisition in Seville to address the heresy of alumbradismo was a contested affair. By Dr. Jessica J. Fowler Postdoctoral International Teaching Fellow” IE School of International Relations IE[…]

Bayesian Analysis and Free Market Trade within the Roman Empire

Mosaic of amphorae being unloaded from a ship, Ostia / Southampton University, Creative Commons The trade networks of the Roman Empire are among the most intensively researched large-scale market systems in antiquity,       By (left-to-right) Dr. Xavier Rubio-Campillo, María Coto-Sarmiento, Jordi Pérez-Gonzalez, and Dr. José Remesal Rodríguez Rubio-Campillo: Lecturer in Archaeology; Computational Archaeology, The[…]

Italian Theater Basement Yields Hundreds of Ancient Roman Gold Coins

Hundreds of ancient gold coins were unearthed in the basement of a demolished theater in northern Italy. Archaeologists are calling it an “exceptional discovery.” / Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities  By Shannon Van Sant / 09.10.2018 Hundreds of ancient gold coins were found last week in the basement of a former theater in northern[…]

Buried by the Ash of Vesuvius: Pompeii Scrolls Being Read for the First Time

The charred papyrus scroll recovered from Herculaneum is preserved in 12 trays mounted under glass. Here is PHerc.118 in tray 8. The scroll was physically unrolled in 1883-84, causing irreparable damage. (Henrik Knudsen) A revolutionary American scientist is using subatomic physics to decipher 2,000-year-old texts from the early days of Western civilization. By Jo Marchant[…]

South Africa’s Blombos Cave Pushes Earliest Drawing to 73,000 Years

The drawing found on silcrete stone in Blombos Cave. Craig Foster Scientists discovered a 73 000-year-old cross-hatched drawing on a silcrete (stone) flake made with an ochre crayon.   By Dr. Christopher Henshilwood and Dr. Karen Loise van Niekerk / 09.12.2018 Henshilwood: Professor of Evolutionary Studies and African Prehistory Niekerk: Principal Investigator, SapienCE – Centre[…]