Objective Truth in Bernstein’s ‘Pragmatic Turn’

Page 789, Munsey’s Magazine, 1909: story “The higher pragmatism” Extract of illus from scan. Author O. Henry, illustrator Gordon Hope Grant / Wikimedia Commons Pragmatism originated as a method for clarifying the conceptual meaning or content of any term or idea. By Dr. James R. O’Shea / 12.29.2011 Professor of Philosophy University College Dublin In[…]

Arsenic: A Murderous History

The Death of Chatteron (suicide with arsenic), by Henry Wallis, 1856 / Tate Britain, Wikimedia Commons Since the very earliest of times poisons have been used as a means for settling old scores. By Dr. Roger P. Smith / 07.21.2016 Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology Dartmouth College The King of Poisons Albertus Magnus is usually[…]

Medieval Gambling and Pub Life

There were lots of exciting forms of gambling in the Middle Ages (more than nowadays) but they have been totally forgotten by modern people. By Zsuzsanna Sőregi Introduction There are many legendary games in the Middle Ages with professed losses of clothes, horses and, what is more, whole estates, and even halves of kingdoms. But[…]