Migrants: When Europeans Once Flocked to North African Shores

When we think of migrants, we think of them crossing the Mediterranean to come to Europe. Yet 200 years ago, many did it the other way. “Praise be to God. To my master, may god preserve you. After our master scolded me and became angry with me, accusing me of having often acted without advising him, and of bringing my[…]

The Hanseatic League: Medieval Trade and Immigration in Europe

The League aimed to protect trade, which meant that maintaining peace was also a major concern. Introduction The Hanseatic League (also known as the Hansa) was an alliance of trading guilds that established and maintained a trade monopoly along the coast of Northern Europe, from the Baltic to the North Sea, during the Late Middle Ages and Early modern period (circa thirteenth–seventeenth centuries). Rival cities[…]

Ivan the Great, Grand Prince of Muscovy

He came into power at a time when Russian princes were still competing among themselves and struggling against the Tatars. Introduction The next strong ruler of Muscovy after Ivan I was Ivan III, who became known as Ivan the Great. Ivan became Grand Prince of Muscovy in 1462 and ruled until 1502. He came into[…]

Early Medieval Law: De Minimis Non Curat Lex

Two powerful and often conflicting legal systems had emerged. Early Development When the Germanic tribes entered the lands of the Western Roman empire, they brought many of their customs and traditions with them, among them being those customs and traditions that comprised their system of justice. The bases of those systems among the various peoples[…]

The Social Effect of the Law on Prostitutes in Ancient Rome

Roman mosaic / Photo by Alberto Fernandez Fernandez, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wikimedia Commons Prostitution quickly became a popular source of income and pleasure for the Roman population, but it seemed to be viewed dichotomously. By Lauren Weisner / 12.01.2014 Prostitution quickly became a popular source of income and pleasure for the Roman population, but it seemed[…]