Warriors of the Rainbow: The Birth of an Environmental Mythology

How did Greenpeace develop this affinity with Native Americans? The German branch of Greenpeace announced itself to the world in June 1981 when two activists climbed a smokestack in Hamburg and festooned it with a banner which read: Erst wenn der letzte Baum gefällt, der letzte Fluss vergiftet und der letzte Fisch gefangen ist, werdet[…]

The Neste War 1970–1972: The First Victory of the Budding Finnish Environmental Movement

Even though Neste tried to conceal its intentions, they were obvious enough to members of the local community. By Dr. Matias Kaihovirta, Dr. Hanna Lindberg, and Dr. Mats WickströmKaihovirta: Postdoctoral Researcher in Political HistoryLindberg: Postdoctoral ResearcherWickström: Postdoctoral ResearcherÅbo Akademi University On 30 October 1970, the local newspaper Västra Nyland revealed that the Finnish state-owned oil[…]

Inside the Medieval and Early Modern Alchemist’s Workshop

What tools would an alchemist use in the quest to transmute other elements into gold? David Teniers the Younger, a seventeenth-century Flemish painter, had a serious thing for alchemy. Over the course of his career, Teniers painted some 350 different scenes, illustrating just about every aspect of alchemy imaginable. All of Teniers’ alchemical scenes, however,[…]

Ancient Chinese Alchemy

Chinese alchemists developed methods for manipulating minerals and altering the state of substances. Introduction Most of us are familiar with parts of the history of alchemy; the stories of the Philosopher’s Stone and turning base metal into gold have diffused into mainstream films and books. These tales evoke visions of grey bearded men at the royal court[…]

Softer, Processed Foods Changed the Way Ancient Humans Spoke

Considering language from a biological perspective led researchers to the idea that new food processing technologies affected neolithic human beings’ jaws – and allowed new language sounds to emerge. The human capacity for language divides our species from the rest of the animal kingdom. Language has not only allowed us to conquer all corners of[…]