Remembering 1876, the Year of the Inconclusive Vote

There has never been anything like it before or since. We are told that this year’s presidential election is unprecedented in many ways. The American voters are faced with the choice between an unlikely candidate who has been repudiated by many within his own party, and a seasoned politician whom the head of the FBI[…]

Young George Washington Needed Time to Grow Out of Arrogance

He was, in his early twenties, a remarkably self-centered young man. By Peter StarkAuthor and Historian The Founding Father whom Americans revere as the incarnation of steady, selfless leadership – George Washington – was, in his early twenties, a remarkably self-centered young man.  This poses an interesting question:  Can today’s leaders – beginning at the top –[…]

We’re Just Beginning to Grasp the Toll of ISIS’s Archaeological Looting in Syria

A small portion of a site can yield thousands of objects, adding up to millions of dollars. By Dr. Fiona Greenland (Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia), Dr. James Marrone (Adjunct Lecturer of International Economics, Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Oya Topçuoğlu (Lecturer, Northwestern University), and Dr. Tasha Vorderstrasse (University and Continuing Education Program Coordinator[…]

The Fight to Save Syrian Antiquities

Scholars across the globe have joined forces to preserve the beleaguered country’s cultural heritage for all our sakes. By Gabrielle Murphy Introduction For Andrew Jamieson, the conflict unfolding in Syria is a catastrophe on multiple levels – professionally and personally. By day (or more correctly, semester) Dr Jamieson is a senior lecturer and celebrated teacher[…]

Opening the Way to India in the Ancient World

Sea routes got busy and the merchants began to travel with a variety of goods unknown to Europe until then. Possibly being overjoyed by the tales of mythical exploits of Heracles, Semiramis, the fabled queen of Assyria, Cyrus, King of Persia and so on, Alexander the Great set out from the tiny kingdom of Macedon for a daring adventure, unheard of in the entire[…]